Club History



The Oxford University Exploration Club (OUEC) exists to help improve knowledge of our world through overseas exploration by members of Oxford University.

We aim to inspire, encourage and assist exploration in all its manifestations. It’s something we’ve been doing for 85 years, making us the oldest such club in the world. To this day the Club’s members lead expeditions that push back the boundaries of our knowledge about the world around us. Our members have now travelled to virtually every region of the world — yet there is still much to discover!

Recent expeditions to Tibet, the Congo, Greenland, Trinidad, Mongolia, Svalbard, Namibia, Papua New Guinea and the remote Comoros Islands have discovered new species of birds, insects and plants, published scientific papers on the rainforest canopy, found some of the world’s deepest caves, scaled unclimbed peaks and recorded the folk music of nomads; all in co-operation and collaboration with local people and organisations.