The Committee

President – Izzy Carter

Hi, I’m Izzy and I’m a third year Earth Sciences undergraduate. I’ve always loved mountains, having spent a lot of summers hiking in the Alps and other places. This summer I was lucky enough to spend 2 months on a geological mapping expedition to South Greenland, as leader of this expedition I also learnt a lot about the expedition planning process. As president of OUEC, please feel free to get in contact with me with any queries you may have, from speakers at our weekly talks to help with planning an expedition.

Secretary – Tamsin Savvides

Hi! I’m Tamsin, a third year undergraduate studying Earth Sciences. I’m the Secretary of the OUEC; I keep things organised and take minutes of our committee meetings. As part of my degree, I’ve taken part in fieldwork across the UK, and I just returned from a nine week expedition in South Greenland on a summer mapping project.

Treasurer – Matt Jones

Matt – Second Year, Geography. For some reason the committee decided to let Matt take control of their finances. This is likely to mean more free alcohol for members, less money for speakers and the likely demise of the club altogether. If Matt isn’t off spending the clubs money then you’ll probably find him raiding his college bar or riding his bright yellow death trap of a bike. Avoid talking to him about his summah in Indiah.

Archivist – Camille Lecoeuche

Expeditions Secretary – Arran Chambers

Webmaster – Connor McGurk

Hi! I’m Connor and I’m in my fourth year studying Earth Sciences. I love the outdoors and the idea of doing research in remote places, but in reality like many a good webmaster I’m more likely to be found behind a screen. You’re welcome to get in touch with me with whatever issues you have, but especially those relating to our website, social media or mailing lists.

Speaker Secretary – Rosalie Wright