Michelmas 2018

This term’s events are listed below. For the most up to date information, be sure to join the OUEC facebook group.

9th Oct Welcome Evening and Film Night

An introduction to what the club does, and a chance to meet current members and discuss expeditions past and future, followed by a film screening of Karun. This event is free to non-members – we hope to see many of you there!

16th Oct Expeditions Planning Evening

Want to go on an expedition but don’t know where to start? Fancy being funded and accredited by Oxford University? Come and hear Shane Winser from the RGS talk on expedition planning followed by drinks and nibbles. Not to be missed out, this is for everyone, regardless of experience, whether you have plans or no plans.

23rd Oct Polar Eskimo – tough lessons and unruly sled dogs at -30 degrees

Join us on the 23rd to hear polar traveller Alex Hibbert speak on his adventures living and driving dog teams in the Inuit home of the far north of Greenland. Alex will also be selling copies of his new book, Polar Eskimo – we recommend you come prepared to pick up a copy!

30th Oct Unicycling around the world

Ed Pratt will share his experiences circumnavigating the globe on a 36″ unicycle.

6th Nov Mountain Photography

Alex Nail is a full-time landscape photographer based in Bristol with a passion for mountains and wilderness areas. He increasingly heads to remote or hard to reach locations in search of new images.

13th Nov Hiking the Zambezi River

Chaz Powell will speak on his solo hike along the Zambezi river, from its source to the ocean.

20th Nov Ala Archa Expedition

In July 2018, a team of undergraduates from the University of Sheffield headed out to the Ala-Archa National Park, part of the Tien Shan mountain range in Kyrgyzstan. The expedition went to undertake four weeks of groundbreaking research, requiring arduous trekking, mountaineering and glacier-crossings though one of our Earth’s lesser explored and more pristine corners.

27th Nov 1978 Darien Expedition

Andrew Jones & James Firth

“We were scheduled to deliver this talk to the Club in Michaelmas term of that year but it was not actually ready at the time.  Now, though, after 40 years, we could perhaps do it justice.

“The subject may be interesting because we travelled through Central America during a time of political turmoil (the first Sandinista uprising) and then walked and boated through the Darien Gap from Panama to Colombia, where the Medellin cartel was beginning to establish power.  The region seems to be now largely inaccessible. Our return journey was through the autonomous Kuna region of Panama and the extraordinary San Blas archipelago – which could perhaps be the subject for a future expedition.”